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Mindful Living

Mindfulness Friends Giant Cards, 30 pcs

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The children’s card sets contain various practices and activities to help children reduce anxiety, calm their minds & bodies and improve their sense of well-being. These activities help to empower a child’s imagination, self-awareness, breath, sense of connection, gratitude and encourage kindness and self-compassion.

These mindful giant activity cards have over 200 fun combinations to create. Mix and match the cards to create the outcome that best resonates with both mindful thought-provoking exercises and mindful physical exercises to create the right activity for the moment.


This Mindfulness activity card set contains 30 giant activity cards for kids.
Build your own “mindful friend” by pairing two cards together to create two custom creatures and daily mindfulness practices (activities).
Makes learning mindfulness fun, educational and playful.
Over 200 + ways to help children reduce stress and anxiety.
Printed on high-quality cardstock with beautiful and fun images.
Durable and high-quality packaging.
Designed for home or classroom use.
Designed for a child with adult guidance.
Makes a wonderful gift.

FSC Certified.

Age: 4+