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and the little dog laughed

Founded in 2008 by Australian designer Kylie Platt, "the little dog laughed" is a enchanting children's design the talented Australian designer, Kylie Platt.

Her inspiration stems from the sweet memories of her own childhood, crafting timeless pieces that stir a warm sense of nostalgia. The brand's playful name, "the little dog laughed", is a nod to one of Kylie's favourite nursery rhymes, 'Hey Diddle Diddle'.

The brand was initially launched in 2010 with a signature collection of hand-crocheted blankets and knitted softies for babies. Over time, this has evolved into an expansive range that includes the increasingly popular wool blend softies, dressed in clothing made from Australian merino wool.

Each creation from "the little dog laughed" is designed to do more than just evoke nostalgia. They are lovingly crafted to be treasured keepsakes, passed down through generations, spreading joy and creating memories along the way.

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