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Emotionology Emotion Cards, 30 pcs

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This emotion cards set has been designed to recognise, understand, explore and express emotions.

The set includes 30 emotion cards plus a Welcome card and a HELP card. Each card has the same affirmations on the reverse side to provide a positive and calming mantra.

Understanding ones emotions in order to be able to regulate them, plays a fundamental part in mental and physical health to achieve a positive outlook.

It is important we encourage children in their formative years to acknowledge, articulate and communicate their feelings without judgement, through the lens of positivity and acceptance. This acceptance builds resilience, self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation, social awareness and ultimately self-empowerment.

It is these qualities that contribute significantly to boosted immunity, motivation, purpose and overall wellness and happiness. By using prompts to identify rising feelings and emotions, children are able to communicate and seek reassurance, charity and a sense of calm.

Created by Melbourne-based Holistic Counsellor, Tabitha Lakeland utilising Harvard based research and featuring the illustrations of her 10 year old son, this pack provides you with a handy resource whether for the classroom, counselling or in a home environment.

Age: 3+

*Psychologist endorsed

*Teacher endorsed

*Counsellor endorsed