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Miniland Reef - Mandala Stone

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This relaxing game is all about making mandalas.

This game offers a big “river stone” which the little ones can use to create the most creative mandalas using 200 brightly coloured beads that come in different shapes and sizes which can be stacked up to 3 levels high. Harking back to ancestral times to promote the creativity and concentration that favours relaxation.

And while you’re making mandalas listen to relaxing melodies from around the world available on the Miniland grow&fun app . A unique multi-sensory experience that the littles ones can enjoy anywhere! and also source more pattern ideas.

This set comes with a practical bag to store the set all together once the game is over.

6 pattern cards are inclued so the child is able to follow the designs to get a sense of the potential of the mandala before promoting their own creativity.

Age: 4-8 years

Sustainable design: the future is green

Miniland are aware of the environment and have started a path of responsibility in the materials they use by eliminating single-use plastics from packaging, and the R&D team has developed new ways of introducing bio-based materials into their range of toys such as this one.

It is also important to know how to transmit this philosophy to the little ones from the first months of life to generate a living bond with nature.

That is why you will discover that Miniland toys are always related to natural habitats, or will show materials and aesthetics in line with our environment, its fauna and flora. Because the future is green and we want to grow by respecting it.