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Mikk-line Silicone Bibs, 2 pcs - Burlwood/Russet

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Sku: MIKK5002

A waterproof PU bib is a necessary accessory for babies and small children at mealtime, as it protects the clothes from getting dirty. Adjustable super soft bibs with ties, so that it always fits perfectly around the neck, without the little ones being able to pull it off themselves.

The bib blouse is smart and functional with a Velcro closure at the neck. This type of bib is absolutely perfect for eating, baking, cooking, or for playing and creative activities with paint.

2 Pack Mikk-line Silicone Bibs, are 100% child-friendly and without harmful chemicals. These bibs are washable, easy to adjust, and feature a large and practical pocket to catch stray crumbs and runaway spills, minimizing food wastage and floor clean-up.

100% Silicone/BPA Free

Age: Newborn