Marbushka Janka Doll


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Marbushka Janka Doll
Marbushka Janka Doll

Janka has joined the Marbushka Dolls, with cheekier features and a cute little bun. 

 Marbushka dolls are designed on classic principles, but their character is quite new and special. There are make by hand, the heads are formed by a precise turner, with a seamstresses sewing the tiny clothes with meticulous care, and their faces are paint one by one, so every piece will be completely unique.  Marbushka dolls will endure the adventures awaiting them and the friendship  with them will last a long time.

Useful information:
The textile part of the dolls, removed from the head, can be washed at 40 degrees. The filling is certified asthma and allergy friendly. Due to the small decorations/applications the clothes are best washed by hand. Once a small artisan workshop, Marbushka has quickly grown into a company that does its own in-house production and design to create high quality games, colouring in books and dolls. Marbushka believe that enduring quality can be achieved only through the use of natural materials and the finest craftsmanship.


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