Götz Happy Kidz Clara Jointed Standing Doll, 50cm


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Götz Happy Kidz Clara Jointed Standing Doll, 50cm

Götz Happy Kidz Clara is a 50 cm doll and comes with reddy brown hair, brown eyes and dressed in funky top and leggings.

Goetz Happy Kidz dolls are numbered so collectable. They have 9 high-quality joints in the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and neck, which allow them to be posed in various positions for yoga, horse riding, climbing and much more, enhancing the development of your child during role playing. 

Suitable for 3+, her hair is very easy to style and is especially durable. It can also be washed and dried with a hair dryer (not too hot of course) and even curled. Their facial expression leaves plenty of scope for the child to interpret their expression. Each doll's clothes are designed to allow them to resemble a child of their age.

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