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Fabelab - Doll Clothes - Summer Dresses

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This 2-pack of cute Summer Dresses suits the Fab Friends and consists of a long, pale yellow-coloured dress and a shorter, Ochre-coloured dress - both with pretty gold ribbon details.

The founder of Fabelab, Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod, has embraced the Scandinavian design principles and taken inspiration from her two young girls, who always look for purposeful and imaginative playthings. Ever since the brand was founded in 2013, Michaela has made an effort to always keep a sustainable approach to every product made. Reusability and upcycling are core tenets of our brand. Being sustainable is something we truly strife for. The products we make are made from sustainable textiles from our supplier in India.

For Fabelab, sustainable design is about using the right materials and ensuring a long lifespan of the products. As everyday goes by, we always think about what changes we can make, in the direction of becoming even more sustainable. Child safety is at the core of our products and we make sure that all Fabelab’s toys are CE-tested.

Our products are made for multipurpose and everyday use for every family. With a multi-functional purpose and high-quality materials, we ensure a long lifespan of the products.

We always design our products based on sustainable materials and beliefs. *This product has been CE-labelled according to the European Union Legislation.

One Size

100% Organic Cotton

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