Sugar Cane Play Equipment

Plasto Toys are designed with your child’s development in mind. By being age-appropriate, these toys encourage self-belief in ability and co-ordination – important social and physical skills in all children. These toys invite and inspire children to play, and personally this is very important to me because my kids are just starting to learn to play with each other. Plasto toys are also made to last, and designed for indoor and outdoor use. Perfectly complementing our Australian love of the outdoors, they have a huge range suited to water and sand play, including buckets, scoops, sieves, trowels and wheelbarrows.

Traditionally all Plasto toys are manufactured of food contact safe plastic. There are no phthalates, BisfenolA, lead, cadmium or other hazardous chemicals in our toys. They are safe for the littlest hands.

And now there is even bigger news! The plastic in the new range of toys is a bioplastic, produced from sugarcane, which is 100% renewable raw material. This product has a positive impact on environment with carbon footprint -2.15 kg CO2 eq/kg.